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What kind of people are suitable for eyelash business

When you plan to enter the eyelash industry, you will definitely ask yourself a question, am I suitable for the eyelash business?

As a Chinese eyelash wholesaler who has been professionally exporting eyelashes for more than ten years, today I will talk to you about the case of slowly expanding the eyelash business that we have come across over the years. Hope it can help you solve some confusions, start and expand your eyelash business faster.

Which kind of people we have helped people start their eyelash business? In this article, I will share some of the customers we are working with. They include entrepreneurial college student, beauty blogger, beauty shop owner, treasure mother who open online eyelash stores at home, big eyelash brands buyer, and Related beauty products founder.

eyelash business
Case 1: College student A starts own eyelash business

A is a college student at school. She likes makeup very much. Recently, she plans to earn some pocket money of her own. By chance, she found us through an article and told us her true situation. At the beginning, her initial funds were not much , about $500, let us recommend some popular eyelash styles for trial sale.

At the beginning, she choose about 30 styles of lashes, 1-2 pairs of each eyelashes style, she set up a trial sale at the school stall, and the response was good. Subsequent procurement mode has always been small orders, more styles and less bulk purchases, so that her funds can be turned over, and the risk is relatively small. Then she gradually added some eyelash accessories, such as eyelash curler, eyeliner, eyelash glue and so on. In order to support her, we will also help her purchase some small accessories from China, such as earrings, scarves, glasses, wigs and so on.

Because there are quantity requirements for custom packaging boxes, we generally also have stocks of the best-selling packaging boxes, so her eyelash boxes use our best-selling stocked boxes. About 1 year of cooperation, she decided to start customizing her own eyelash logo packaging , We have a professional team to help her design the eyelash box.

Now that she has left school, her eyelash brand business has gradually matured and has been slowly expanding.

Case 2: Beauty blogger B started her own brand eyelash line

B is a beauty blogger on Instagram. She shares her makeup tips every day and has some fans of her own.

Her planning to do some beauty products business, send us an inquiry through the official website to learn the process of starting own eyelash business.

For the specific process of starting own eyelash business, you could read this article How to start your own eyelash business.

B often wears all kinds of eyelashes and knows some styles of eyelashes, so at the beginning she is more concerned about the quality of eyelashes.

She chose several popular eyelash styles, such as 25mm long mink lashes, natural mink lashes, faux eyelash, silk lashes, then she mainly tested whether the quality of various styles of eyelashes could meet her expectations.

When sample test eyelash quality is satisfied, she directly start to customize her lashes packaging box. She send us the logo file and tell us her lashes packaging design ideas, then we send her the design sketch of the box for confirmation, next directly start mass production.

Now we have been cooperating with B beauty bloggers for 4 years. She places orders about 4 times each year, every time we will complete the next season’s eyelashes production about one month in advance.

Beauty shop
Case 3: Beauty shop owner C expands her own beauty product eyelash line

C was met at the beauty exhibition. The lashes samples catalog we brought at the exhibition, C selected and worn on the spot, took some samples and went back to try on for a period of time, and decided to cooperate with us.

Her beauty shop had been distributing some big brands eyelashes before, and she thought about making some unique customized eyelashes by herself, but seems hadn’t the right opportunity to start, and she also didn’t know how to start her own eyelash business. At the same time, she was a little worried about the quality of eyelashes her own selection.

When we met at the exhibition, we resolved some of her confusion. After testing, she was satisfied with the quality of our eyelashes and thought that the price was also very favorable, so we directly started her own customized eyelashes and packaging.

Now some of the chain stores she runs sell our eyelash styles. Some of our new styles are pre-sold in their stores, and some of them have been promoted as hot styles. We grow together to expand the eyelash business.

Case 4: Treasure mother D opened an online shop and started her own small eyelash business

D is recommended by a cooperating client. Her goal is to start a small eyelash business of her own. On the one hand, she has free time, and on the other hand, she earns some living expenses.

At the beginning, we recommended hot-selling eyelash styles to her, and she would sell them with other small accessories. There are many different product combinations in her online store for customers to choose from, and customers like her collocation very much. If she has any ideas about eyelash products, she will communicate with us in time, and we will discuss how to make some improvements on eyelashes or eyelash accessories.

Now she has slowly accumulated some customers, and the order volume has been rising. At the beginning, her online supply ranged to her surrounding areas. Now her own brand is developed and logistics is more convenient, so she has begun to supply to her own country and some neighboring countries.

lashes buyer
Case 5, E is a eyelash big brands buyer, she found us to expand her eyelash business.

E didn’t say that she was big brands eyelashes buyer at the beginning. She just said that she saw from our website that we were doing eyelash wholesale and sent an email to us to learn about our eyelash styles and eyelash quality.

She has much requirements, but our saleswoman has always been patiently communicating and is responsible for following up her goods. After three batches of eyelashes, she feel that the quality of our eyelashes is very stable, so she plan to keep cooperation with us for a long time. Because her order is relatively large, each time we will help her customize eyelashes according to her design.

She told me that they have several eyelash partners, and we are the main one, because our saleswoman communication with her is very good, and the quality of our large-scale eyelashes is very stable, so there is no need to worry about the return rate. I am very happy that our services are recognized by big professional brands, which will inspire us to develop better.

Case 6, F is the founder of other beauty products, intend to started her own brand of eyelashes business

F is the founder of a wig. Her main business line is online sale wigs and shop sale wigs. Recently, due to the needs of some customers, they plan to expand some beauty products, including starting their own eyelash business.

So she approached us and told us about her target market, customer preferences, etc. After understanding her situation, we helped them provide some eyelash styles and box packaging types. After pre-market testing, the customer’s repurchase rate is very good. .

So we started a long-term friendly cooperation.

She told us that in the beginning, they actually contacted many eyelash suppliers. Others had some advantages in price, payment methods, etc., but the reason she chose us in the end was also that our product service and after-sales communication made them satisfied.

Therefore, in terms of serving customers, the principle we have always followed is to patiently listen to customer needs, understand their situation, and put forward our professional eyelash procurement suggestions based on their goals, to help customers grow faster, and to expand their eyelash business. In fact, helping customers expand their eyelash business is also helping us grow quickly and achieve a real win-win situation with customers.

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The above is to share with you some cases in our communication with customers. We have helped these people start their eyelash business.

If you are thinking about starting your own eyelash business, or you are hesitant to know if you are suitable for starting an eyelash business, please email us to consult us.

For other specific details, you can leave a message to me, and I will check the message frequently and reply to you.

Finally, I wish you a prosperous eyelash business. If you have any eyelash needs, please send an inquiry to contact us.