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How to start my own eyelash business

As one China eyelash wholesale, we help global many lashes brands start and grow their own lashes line, we received many inquiries about how to start my lashes business, so this article I will share with you, hope help you get into lashes business soon.

Based on our experience, planning to start building your own eyelash brand, need to do following 10 steps specifically:

  1. Is it easy to start an eyelash business? First and foremost, love the beauty industry.
  2. Statistical study the demand for eyelashes in your target market,whether the eyelashes demand is rising
  3. Register your own company, store, online shop, etc., determine your own beauty productsrange, and design your own eyelash logo
  4. How to choose the right eyelash supplier and ensure that the goods are received
  5. Where to customizeyour own eyelash box packaging
  6. Good communication with eyelash suppliers is very important
  7. How to decidethe eyelashes purchase quantity for different purchase stages
  8. Which wayto ship the lashes orders (different regions, quantities, and transportation companies have different freight rates, and the lashes supplier provides transportation plans)
  1. What about payment termsto ensure receive lashes safety
  2. How to purchase lashes bulk ordersand expand your eyelash business.
How to start my own eyelash business

1. First point, before starting the eyelash business, you need to ask yourself if love the beauty industry. It seems to be superfluous, but it is actually very important. Passion is important for building the eyelash business.

If you read this article, I believe that you are passionate about the beauty industry and are interested in eyelashes. Because your love and interest, so you decide to turn your love of beauty into your own career and try to learn the beauty product of eyelashes.

If you plan to do the eyelash business, the first step you did it. Love is the best motivation. Then we put it into action and we are one step closer to making money.

In another article, I specifically written what kind of people are suitable for eyelash business.

2. The second point is also very important, need to learn about three things, one is positioning the target market, another thing is learn the demand trend of your target users, third thing is learn about which styles of eyelashes customers like.

(1) One thing positioning lashes selling target market, for example I have intend to open the lashes store, I am considering selling own lashes brands to the the local region, open branch lashes shop to other states. If I want to start online store, I intend to position my lashes sell range to the whole country even global market.

(2) Another thing to learn the demand trend of target users, the frequency of purchase.

Like according to search on the google, whether the demand for eyelash products in my target market is on the rise over the years. Also need to make survey learn customers purchase lashes frequency, like each customer needs to buy 5-10 pairs of eyelashes every month.

Through data surveys, you can locate your target market, and some professional statistical websites will show the trend of consumers searching for eyelashes over the years.

The following picture is Google Trends showing the search demand for eyelashes from 2014 to 2021

lashes search trend

The following picture is the ranking of eyelash searches in the US states from 2014 to 2021

USA lashes search

(3)Third thing to learn the which styles of eyelashes they preferred. Usually use natural lashes, medium lashes, or long lashes? Like bushy or wispy lashes? Like mink lashes or faux mink lashes?

The following picture is a comparison of the preference of American consumers for different types of eyelashes from 2016 to 2021.

In short, we plan to make our own eyelash brand based on our understanding of eyelashes. More and more people are beginning to pursue better beauty. Eyelashes, a fast-moving consumer product, is already indispensable in everyone’s daily life. We are optimistic about this product.

start lashes line used notebook

3. The third point about some basic preparations you need to do before starting your own eyelash brand business.

Take a notebook and write down the things you need to prepare, such as planning to open an online shop to sell eyelashes, or planning to open stores to sell eyelashes.

To open an online shop, you need to know how to find someone to build a website, design your own brand name, your website’s logo, etc. In another article, I specifically written what you need to prepare for opening an eyelash online shop.

To open stores sell your brand eyelashes and have one beauty store already. Currently, you need to purchase a batch of eyelashes for trial sale, please go on reading the next steps.

4.The fourth point, start looking for good eyelash wholesalers.

When looking for an eyelash factory, you must know where the eyelashes come from.

More than 80% of eyelashes in the world come from China. No matter how big or small the eyelash wholesalers are, they all come from a coastal city in China, Qingdao. As long as you find the right address, it is easy to purchase eyelashes.

How to find eyelash vendors, some of our customers said they find lashes vendors from Google search, social media, advertising and so on, then go into our official website, check the styles of the eyelashes interested, send an inquiry on website to get the eyelash catalog and price list.

We want to find suitable eyelash wholesaler, the secret is to choose several suppliers to test lashes samples first, generally 3-5 are the best, depending on your budget, the number of lashes styles you plan to sale, and the communication process with the suppliers.

At the beginning, if you just want to test the eyelashes quality, usually recommend select 1-2 pairs for each category lashes.

Regarding the eyelash sample test process, in general, when you send inquiry to factory on their website, customer service will contact you by email, learn your requires and send the eyelash product catalog and price list to you, catalog including different lashes styles like 3D mink eyelashes, 25mm eyelashes, faux lashes, magnetic lashes, 5D mink lashes, etc., choose the item you like, and tell the quantity, then finish payment and wait for receiving the samples. Usually the eyelash samples will be received within 5 days.

In another article, I specifically written How to efficiently going the first time eyelash samples test process.

Forest lashes factory

5. The fifth point is about designing customize lashes packaging. The eyelash case design time is usually after the sample test is satisfied, before starting a small order or starting mass production.

Regarding the eyelash customized box, it is generally provided by the eyelash vendors that you determine. In addition to supply eyelashes, they also provide the design of your own brand box and the supply of the box. So as long as you determine the eyelash manufacturer, the box manufacturer will also be solved.

About the lashes customized packaging, there are many types of lashes boxes for choose.

You can choose one or several boxes styles to customize your own logo eyelashes box according to your own design and the supplier’s suggestions. I have specifically mentioned the classification of eyelash box packaging in this article.

EyelashForest packaging

6. The sixth point, regarding communication with eyelash vendors, the most important thing to find a good eyelash supplier is to have a good communication with the docking salesperson.

A salesperson with good communication and professional services is particularly important. Good professional communication can essentially help you quickly choose what you want, recommend purchase plan that suits you, and indirectly help you save costs, help you build a brand and expand your eyelash line as soon as possible.

For example, when you want a certain design packaging box, describe what you need, a professional salesperson will quickly understand what you mean, communicate with his designer accurately and quickly, and design the effect of the packaging box you want, even based on her professional knowledge, she will add some factors that you have not taken into consideration .

A good salesman is reflected in every detail that serves you.

For example, when shipping, she will help you reconfirm all the goods, and then send you the goods list form together, put some spare boxes, spare stickers and so on.

When there are new products, she will update the social dynamics in time, and quickly email you the latest best-selling products, helping you to quickly seize the new product market and make money as soon as possible.

In fact, in many cases, the definition of reliable suppliers at the beginning is the product, price, delivery time, etc., but in fact, for you longer-term development and better business expansion, in addition to these factors, reliable suppliers are sometimes more It is embodied in a good docking salesperson. How to find a reliable eyelash supplier, I specifically mentioned in this article.

7. Seventh, how to determine the quantity of eyelashes purchased.

The purchase quantity is generally divided into two or three stages, the sample testing stage, the small batch ordering stage, and the bulk ordering stage.

In order to speed up the delivery time, some mature eyelash buyers are more anxious for products to enter the market quickly, and when complete the sample test, then they directly start mass production stage.

In the samples test stage, you can first ask whether the eyelash factory has MOQ. If have, usually not be too much, about total 20-30 pairs . Some factories do not have MOQ, and they support delivery in any quantity. Some lashes wholesales also provide free samples of about 2-3 pairs, and only the shipping fee is required.

In the samples stage, you can test several vendors at the same time to compare choices. Each lashes companies has its own characteristics, according to the lashes style and price you like to test. When sample test is satisfied, then proceed to the second and third stages. The specific bulk order is mentioned in the tenth point below.

ship mass lashes order

8. Eighth point, how to choose the transportation method of eyelashes. Different regions, quantities, and shipping companies have different freight rates.

Eyelash delivery usually including express, air, and sea. A small amount of goods can be shipped by general express or by air, and large quantities can be shipped by sea.

Samples orders are generally dispatched by Fedex, DHL, EMS, etc., ship days about 5 days. During the epidemic, it will be decided according to local conditions. If the epidemic is not particularly serious, the punctual delivery rate is quite high.

Small orders the amount below 5000 pairs of eyelashes can be transported by air. Generally, the packing specification of eyelashes is 500 pairs/carton.

For large shipments of more than 5,000 pairs, more than 10 cartons, you can inquire about the sea shipping price.

For delivery, you could find a freight forwarder in your own country, or directly ask the eyelash factory to find one Chinese freight forwarder they often cooperate with, and compare the prices to decide which way to ship the goods.

eyelash ship

9. The ninth point, the general payment methods for eyelash goods are Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union, Bank Wires (T/T)

Paypal can be used for payment below $500. The handling fee is cheap and convenient. It is often used for sample orders and small batch orders.

$500-$1000 can use Money Gram, Western Union, for small batch orders.

Above $1000, Bank Wires (T/T) can be used for large orders

In another article, I specifically written How to pay to ensure that you receive the goods safely.

10. The tenth point is how to purchase eyelashes bulk orders and expand your own eyelashes business.

Purchasing bulk goods is actually confirmed the style of eyelashes required , the quantity of each style, the style and quantity of customize packaging, then communicate with lashes factory.

Before purchasing bulk goods, lashes samples test to choose good quality eyelash vendors, small eyelash orders (more styles and less quantity) to confirmed which styles lashes the customer likes, the next step is bulk purchase, mainly to communicate with the eyelash factory about the customized eyelash packaging needed for bulk goods, usually better choose 1-3 kinds of eyelash packaging boxes.

For example, choose a paper box, a magnetic hard box, and a pull-out box, and put them into faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, 3D mink lashes.

About lashes bulk order quantity, in fact factories generally have quantity requirements for bulk goods. Each style box  have own customized logo, generally each style box MOQ 200pcs, and each style eyelashes MOQ 100-200 pairs, specific requires vary from factory to factory.

Because all eyelashes are made by hand, once the eyelash style and box style are determined, in order to ensure the delivery time, eyelash and packaging must be produced only when the quantity is required.

Generally, bulk order production time need about 20 days, delivery time need about 5 days, so it will take about one month to complete the whole order.

lashes factory good start

Make a small conclusion, generally speaking, to start your own eyelash business, the whole process includes preparation before purchase, find lashes vendors, choose 3-5 vendors making samples order, small batch test order, custom packaging box during the period, communication with eyelash factory about payment method, choose lashes ship ways, bulk purchase , waiting for shipment, bulk purchase is completed.

For other questions, could leave messages to me, I will check the message frequently and reply to you.

Any eyelashes needs, please send an inquiry to us or email us directly. Hope we have good start on your lashes line.

Congratulations on your lash business!

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