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How to start my lashes business samples test

When you plan to start your own eyelash business, you will definitely need to lashes samples test at the beginning. So how to efficiently conduct eyelash sample testing and select a suitable eyelash supplier as soon as possible? Is there free eyelash samples test? What is the specific process of lashes sample testing? What details should be paid attention to during eyelash sample testing? Regarding these specific questions, as a professional eyelash supplier in China, in this article we will talk about the topic of lashes samples testing.

How to efficiently test eyelash samples and select a suitable eyelash supplier as soon as possible? Is there free eyelash samples test?

Efficiently and quickly select good eyelash suppliers, the main thing is to figure out the purpose of the lashes sample test, there are two main purposes at the beginning. One purpose is to test the quality of the eyelashes, such as the lashes use times, softness, fit to the eyes, etc.; the other purpose is to choose the eyelash style that the customer likes.

When you begin to first lashes samples test, it is recommended that you have a little more budget and then compare and choose 3-5 eyelash suppliers, test their lashes and finally choose 1-3 as your own eyelash suppliers.

But there is a sample test method that is absolutely not recommended, that is, the free lashes samples test method. You can discuss with some potential eyelash suppliers to get more discount, instead of always take free lashes samples from many eyelash suppliers to test.

Many customers like free things, and at the beginning they will ask if the lashes samples test is free? If it is not free, directly choose free lashes suppliers to test. The free eyelash sample test can be regarded as a way to encourage customers to make bold attempts. Specifically, 1-3 pairs of eyelashes are generally provided for free, and then only need to pay the shipping fee , but this way haven’t test meaning.

First of all 1-3 pairs of eyelashes, you can’t test the quality of the eyelashes at all. Second, for example, if you choose to take free samples of eyelashes from 10 eyelash suppliers, each of them needs to pay for shipping, so the total cost is not low. Think about it carefully. In fact, neither of the two test objectives of the eyelash sample test have been achieved.

Therefore, the efficient lashes sample test method is to carefully choose 3-5 lashes vendors by themselves, and each company carefully chooses the best-selling eyelash styles, and then communicate and test.

The testing process of eyelash samples is roughly divided into the following 7 steps:

  1. Screen out 3-5 Chinese eyelash suppliers and test eyelash samples
  2. Send an inquiry on the lashes supplier’s website to contact them
  3. Obtain the eyelash catalog and quotation fromthe eyelash supplier
  4. Get the lashes package box catalog and price list
  5. Paypal to pay the lashes sample fee
  6. Track shipping information and wait for the delivery

1. Screenout 3-5 Chinese eyelash suppliers and test eyelash samples

If you want to start your own brand of lashes business, you must first know the origin of the eyelashes, which is a northern coastal city in China, Qingdao. More than 80% of eyelashes imported by large and small brands in the world come from here, so the style and quality of eyelashes here are of world-class standards. It is much easier to find a specific eyelash supplier in the right place.

Then perform an online search, such as Google search for how to start my eyelash business, there will be many eyelash manufacturers for you to choose from. Or you can find Chinese eyelash suppliers through social media, advertisements and the like.

Next browse eyelash products through their web, select 5 interested lashes companies to contact, and send an inquiry to them to get the eyelash catalog and quotation form.

2. Send an inquiry on the lashes supplier’s website to contact them

Regarding sending an inquiry to contact the manufacturers, you only need to leave your email address and the product information you want to know on any form on the website. A staff member will contact you within 24 hours to answer your questions in detail and be responsible for your future All specific matters such as product procurement.

I have encountered some customers who would hesitate to leave their personal mailboxes, they were worried that their personal mailboxes would be ignored by eyelash manufacturers, so they planned to create a work mailbox. As a professional eyelash exporter, I could tell you that you don’t need to worry about this problem at all. we will contact you no matter message comes from a private mailbox or a corporate mailbox. In fact, all big lashes brands have gradually started to cooperate from small brands.

Eyelash Forest

3. Obtain the eyelash catalog and quotation fromthe eyelash supplier

We have 500 styles of eyelashes, when we contact you by email, the staff will ask you which kind of lashes you needs, such as whether you are interested in natural eyelashes or thick eyelashes, long lashes or medium lashes. If you have specific styles you like, could tell the customer service, they will quickly and accurately recommend all the eyelash styles you want, and send a catalog for you to choose.

The classification of eyelash styles is generally based on the lashes material. There are 3D mink lashes, faux mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, silk lashes, magnetic lashes. More styles we have like 5D mink lashes, 5D faux mink lashes, 5D 25mm mink lashes, 5D silk lashes, 5D magnetic lashes.

If you know which styles you need, you can specify your requirements. If you don’t know, we will send you all the hot-selling eyelash styles for your choice.

For the number of eyelash styles, it is recommended that a total of 20-30 styles are sufficient, and one pair of eyelashes for each style test is enough.

3D mink eyelash Catalog

4. Get the lashes package box catalog and price list

In the process of choosing eyelash styles, you could ask the customer service whether there is a catalog of eyelash packaging boxes. First, you can get a general understanding of the styles of eyelash boxes, the MOQ and how to customize the eyelash packaging boxes. Next, when the lashes sample test is satisfied, for bulk order you need to customize the eyelash packaging box at the same time.

Regarding the process of customizing eyelash packaging boxes, I specifically mentioned in this article.

Generally, before we ship the eyelash samples, we will send the lashes packaging catalog to you, you could choose the liked lashes boxes styles, usually 2-3 lashes boxes styles enough. And then we will send 2-3 free eyelash boxes selected to you along with the eyelash samples. This allows customers to choose the eyelash packaging boxes they need in advance, and waiting for batch orders can speed up the time for custom eyelash boxes.

5. Paypal to pay the lashes sample fee

After choosing the eyelash style and eyelash box style, the next step is to pay the lashes sample fee, which is determined according to the style and quantity of the eyelashes you choose. The lashes sample fee for 20-30 pairs is generally around $100-$130.

The lashes sample fee payment method is mainly Paypal, which is safe and convenient.

6. Track shipping information and wait for the delivery

Samples are shipped via Fedex, DHL, EMS, etc., and delivery time about 5 days. During the epidemic, it will be determined according to local conditions. If the epidemic is not particularly serious, the delivery rate on time is quite high.

Regarding the shipping and packaging of the samples, there is one detail that needs to be paid attention to, usually all lashes are packed in one box, which saves space and shipping costs. Because it is lashes samples test, it is not necessary for each pair of eyelashes is individually packaged. If you need to individual package, need to tell us specially.  The specific sample packaging and delivery pictures are as follows:

lashes samples packaging

The above are specific answers to some topics that are more concerned about lashes samples test. Simple summary is not to choose free sample testing, carefully find about 5 Chinese eyelash suppliers, choose them to start lashes samples test. Send inquiry to obtain catalogue and quotation form, and choose some hot-selling eyelashes styles, at the same time, you can choose liked eyelash packaging box styles, lashes samples payment, and wait for receipt.

For other specific details, you can leave a message to me, and I will check the message frequently and reply to you.

Finally, I wish you a prosperous eyelash business. If you have any eyelash needs, please send an inquiry to contact me. Or email me directly.

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