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How to find a reliable eyelash vendor

When you start to source eyelashes, it’s not easy to find a good eyelash supplier. You need to slowly screen and choose. As a Chinese supplier that has been exporting eyelashes for more than ten years, let’s talk today what kind of eyelash vendor is reliable.


At different stages of the eyelash business, there are some differences in the criteria for finding a good eyelash supplier, but generally speaking, reliable lash suppliers can be selected from the following aspects.


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Here is how to select reliable eyelash suppliers:
  1. Find the right eyelash origin
  2. Select several eyelash vendors to test and compare lashes samples
  3. Find a good communication partner (important)
  4. Quality stability of bulk eyelashes
  5. On-time delivery of eyelashes
  6. Proper handling of lashes after-sales problems
  7. Eyelash styles have been constantly updated
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1. Find the right eyelash origin

When looking for an eyelash vendor, you definitely need to know where the origin of the eyelashes is, and if you find the right direction, everything becomes much easier. In fact, it is easy to know, where is the origin of eyelashes in Google search? The answer is that 80% of the world’s eyelashes come from Qingdao, China.


There are thousands of large and small eyelash factories here. Every day, the eyelashes produced here are exported to various countries in the world. The eyelashes here are handmade products with many styles and fast delivery speeds, they are deeply loved by consumers in all countries around the world. .


As long as you find the correct source of eyelashes, the next main task is to choose your future lashes partner from the lash suppliers here.

2. Select several eyelash suppliers to test and compare lashes samples

At the beginning of the eyelash business stage, I don’t know how to choose a good eyelash vendor. The simplest and most effective way is to conduct a sample test of eyelash products. According to the style and price of eyelash products, several lashes companies are selected for sample testing, and the eyelash manufacturers with satisfactory sample test results are selected for the next small batch order cooperation.

3. Find a good communication partner (important)

In the next business stage of developing your own eyelash brand and purchasing bulk eyelashes products, a salesperson with good communication and professional services is particularly important. Good professional communication can actually help you quickly choose what you want, recommend a product ordering plan that suits you, and indirectly help you save costs, help you build own brand and expand your business as soon as possible.


For example, when you want a certain design packaging box, describe what you need, a professional salesperson will quickly understand what you mean, communicate with his designer accurately and quickly, and design the effect of the packaging box you want , even she will help you add some factors that you haven’t taken into consideration based on her professional knowledge.


A good salesman is reflected in every detail that serves you. For example, when shipping, she will help you reconfirm all the goods, and then send you the goods list form together with some spare boxes, spare stickers and so on.


When there are new products, she will update the social dynamics in time, and quickly email you the latest best-selling products, allowing you to quickly seize the new product market enter as soon as possible and obtain profit.


Many times, at the beginning, everyone defines reliable suppliers as product, price, delivery time, etc., but in fact, for we longer-term development and better business expansion, apart from these factors, reliable suppliers are sometimes more specific Reflected in a good docking salesman.

4. Quality stability of bulk eyelashes

The lash business has entered a stage of stable mass merchandise, suppliers with stable eyelash quality are reliable eyelash vendors. We have encountered some big eyelash brands looking for new reliable eyelash suppliers, the main reason is that the quality of the products is not stable, and they have been complained about by customers, and communicated with the supplier many times to no avail, so urgent need to find another eyelash manufacturer with stable supply quality.


Therefore, in the process of cooperation, it is still necessary to communicate with eyelash suppliers frequently and give specific reference standards for the quality of their goods, so that there will be a clear standard guide for the quality inspection of bulk goods. Good lash manufacturers generally test the eligibility of eyelash products in accordance with strict production standards, so as to ensure the stability of bulk eyelashes quality.

5. On-time delivery of eyelashes

At any stage of the eyelash business, the delivery time of production is more important, it affects the speed of our entry into the market, and then affects our eyelash sales. Good eyelash manufacturers generally give an accurate delivery time, and sometimes even complete the production ahead of time and ship ahead of time.


Good eyelash suppliers will tell customers the latest production situation when there are many orders, and warmly remind customers to arrange their order time as soon as possible to ensure that they can be shipped in time and will not be out of stock.

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6. Proper handling of lashes after-sales problems

At any stage of the lash business, eyelash vendors who can do good after-sales treatment are good eyelash suppliers. When the end eyelash consumers put forward their own questions or suggestions, they are finally feed back to the eyelash factory, good eyelash manufacturers will seriously answer the doubts of consumers, such as the issue of cruelty free mink that everyone is most concerned about. We will provide cruelty free mink certificates so that customers can consume with confidence.


Good eyelash suppliers will humbly accept consumer suggestions and make changes to their products. For example, with magnet eyelashes, some customers have reported that they want to put more spare magnet pieces, anchors, we will listen to consumer suggestions and make rapid improvements to the product.

7. Eyelash styles have been constantly updated

A good eyelash supplier, its products will continue to be expanded and updated. When a customer proposes a new product of interest, reliable lash manufacturers will seriously consider the characteristics of this product, and then make proofs to help customers bring new eyelashes to the market faster, and then continue to respond based on consumer feedback update and improve, and finally make eyelash styles that consumers like.


Only by constantly researching and innovating, and constantly tolerating new products, will we be able to understand the market demand more quickly and make more explosive eyelash styles that meet the market demand.

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In conclusion, if you want to find good lash vendors, different lash business stages have different requirements for eyelash suppliers. The early lash business pays more attention to eyelash style and price; the middle and late eyelash business stage pays more attention to the good docking salesperson, need good communication; in the later stage of eyelashes mass production, pay more attention to the stability of the quality of lashes products, the timeliness of delivery, the after-sales treatment and the continuous innovation of eyelash manufacturers’ styles.
The most important thing is the good communication with a good salesman. In many things, both parties can communicate and improve in time to make progress and make money together.

For other specific details, you can leave a message to me, and I will check the message frequently and reply to you.

Finally, I wish you a prosperous eyelash business.

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