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7 steps tell you how to open an eyelash online shop

If you are inconvenient or don’t want to go out to work, and you want to make some money by working from home, opening your own eyelash online shop is a good choice. The relative risk of opening an online eyelash store is low, the cost is low, and the rate of return is good.


If you want to start your own eyelash business online, but don’t know what you need to prepare, as a Chinese eyelash wholesaler that supplies many eyelash online stores, let’s share with you some things about starting an eyelash online shop.


The things you need to prepare to open an eyelash online shop are specifically divided into the following steps:

  1. Prepare Start-up funds: including online shop funds, stocking funds
  1. Start Build eyelash Online store: prepare website domain name, find build website company, prepare product pictures and videos, etc.
  1. Start lashes company: company registration, eyelash logo design
  1. Looking for eyelash suppliers: customized eyelash styles, customized eyelash boxes
  1. Sales channel promotion: FB, Instagram, advertising, friend recommendation
  1. PrepareDelivery materials: packaging materials, etc., contact the transportation company for delivery
  1. Prepare to expand Eyelash online shop business: add other products, add eyelash product categories and lashes accessories.
eyelash online shop
  1. First of all, before starting our own eyelash business, we need to prepare a start-up capital, one part is mainly used in the build online shop, and the other part is mainly used for stocking eyelash products.

Online shop costs include website build costs, website operation costs, etc. The specific website cost could find several website construction companies and let them provide a specific quotation plan.

The cost of stocking eyelash products includes the cost of looking for eyelash manufacturers to test eyelash samples at first, followed by the cost of small batch orders. The specific cost is based on the product quotation provided by the eyelash supplier.

I specifically mentioned in this article How to efficiently conduct my first eyelash sample test process.

  1. Build your own eyelash website, need to prepare thewebsite domain name, find build website company, prepare information content on the website.

EyelashForest website

To open an eyelash online store, you need to prepare a website domain name. Whether you are building a website by yourself or looking for a website building company, we need to prepare it ourselves.

In addition, the information content on the website needs to be prepared by yourself, such as product pictures, product videos, product introductions, company information introductions, etc., all need to be prepared in advance for the build website company. And the overall layout design of the website needs to be discussed and completed with the website construction company.

  1. Start lashes company including prepare company registration, eyelash logo design

Before building an eyelash website, we need to register our own company. You can find an accounting firm to help us complete the registration of the eyelash company, as well as the company’s future accounting matters. During this period, we need to provide the name and business scope of our own eyelash company.

In addition to company registration, we also need to find a design company to help us design our own eyelash brand logo, a logo that represents our company’s brand image.

  1. Find a suitable eyelash supplier. This step is very important if you start to build your own brand of eyelash business.

If you want to find a reliable eyelash supplier quickly, you need to know some skills. No one will be willing to share their eyelash supplier directly with you, but there will be some articles about how to find a reliable eyelash supplier, we can refer to it. In this article, I specifically mentioned how to find a reliable eyelash supplier.

Even if a small number of people are willing to share their eyelash suppliers with you, because everyone has different needs for eyelash suppliers, so the eyelash suppliers found by others may not be right for you.

Generally, it is best to find eyelash suppliers by yourself, as this is a slow process of running in. Doing business is also a thing of making friends and agreeing with business viewpoints.

  1. Sales channels are also an important step that needs to be thought out in advance.

When your eyelash website is established, the eyelash company is established, and a suitable eyelash supplier is found, the next thing you need to prepare is to find sale channels for eyelashes and promote your own eyelash brand.

You need to reserve a part of the promotion funds for your own eyelash product sales, which are generally divided into website promotion and social media promotion.

Website promotion can be used for Google advertising. If funds are sufficient, you could find personnel who specialize in marketing and promotion to help you with Google advertising.

Social media promotion can be used for promoting on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or other social media.

Other sales channels such as friends introducing customers, or developing into offline stores, looking for some distributors to sell own brand of eyelash products.

  1. When you have some orders for your eyelashes, besides stocking lashes and lashes packaging, you also need to prepare the packaging materials for delivery.
lashes delivery

When you order the eyelashes from lashes supplier, advice also purchase customize lashes packaging from same lashes supplier together. In this way, the eyelashes and the packaging box can be shipped to you together. I specifically mentioned How to customize eyelash packaging box in this article.

Besides stocking lashes and lashes boxes, you need to prepare some of shipping packaging materials in advance, such as self-adhesive stickers, small gift bags, bubble film, paper boxes or cartons for shipping, printer and so on.

  1. Regarding the expansion of eyelash online shop business, in addition to the main product eyelashes and their customized boxes, it is best to add some other related products to sell together.

This will help customers choose the products they may need together, reduce their difficulty in choosing, and will better attract customers. Generally, customers will prefer this combination purchases way.

Other related products include eyelashes accessories, such as eyelash glue, eyelash brush, eyelash scissors, eyeliner, tweezers, etc.; it can also include beauty-related products, such as lip balm, eyebrow pencil, blush, brush, etc.; or Some wear trinkets, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses and so on.

In short, while stocking eyelashes, you can purchase some eyelash-related products for trial sales at the same time.

Well, I will talk stop here about the things that need to prepare for opening an eyelash online shop.

For other specific details, you can leave a message to me, and I will check the message frequently and reply to you.

Finally, I wish you a prosperous eyelash business.

If you have any eyelash needs, please send an inquiry to contact me. Or email us directly.

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